As an organization committed to putting patients first, Pfizer has always evolved with the changing needs of the people who rely on us to create a healthier world. That’s why our newly launched business, Upjohn, leverages the strengths at the core of who we are: an entrepreneurial mindset and a sense of purpose.  

Inspired by the heritage of a company known for its pioneering science, Upjohn harnesses the power of 20 of Pfizer’s most iconic established biopharmaceutical brands – across therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular, Pain, Psychiatry, and Urology – by thinking strategically and operating nimbly. And with the addition of our U.S. Greenstone portfolio, Upjohn’s commercial model also aims to reach a more diversified set of consumers.

At a time when healthcare is increasingly defined by a growing global middle class, a focus on quality and affordability and the rise of non-communicable diseases, Upjohn combines the agility of a startup with the resources and capabilities of a Fortune 100 enterprise. As a result, we’re able to both innovate and execute quickly, from activating our portfolio to improving manufacturing to advancing research and development.

Today, Upjohn serves more than 100+ markets and has a network of 9 dedicated manufacturing sites bringing quality and reliability. And with roots in innovation and technological ingenuity, Upjohn is poised to take our portfolio of established medicines to the next level, bringing life-changing medicines to patients around the world and trailblazing a new path for the industry.