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We would like to express our great appreciation and gratitude to all our abstract mentors and reviewers for making this possible:

Academic Pharmacy Section  Dea Herrera Ruiz
Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section  Timothy Chen
Clinical Biology Section  Julien Fonsart
Community Pharmacy Section Martin Astbury
Hospital Pharmacy Section Josep M. Guiu
Industrial Pharmacy Section Gabrielle Wiederkehr
Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section Nita Sood
Health & Medicines Information Section Vivien Tong
Working Group History of Pharmacy Jacques Gravé
Pharmacy Technicians Symposium Susan James
SIG on Regulatory Sciences Vinod Shah
SIG Drug Design and Discovery Takuya Kumamoto
SIG Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology Tetsuya Ozeki
SIG Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics & Systems Pharmacology Stephan Schmidt
SIG Natural Products Amanda Corbett
SIG Translational Research and Individualized Medicines  Stephan Schmidt
SIG Analytical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality Masaru Kato
SIG Biotechnology Michael Ward
SIG on Pharmacy Practice Research Charlotte Rossing


Abstract handling: MCI Amsterdam

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1062 HE Amsterdam
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Email: fip@mci-group.com

Abstracts for review needed to be submitted before 1 May 2019.


Abstracts can be submitted under the following topics:

Pharmaceutical practice

  • Academic pharmacy
  • Clinical biology
  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Military and emergency pharmacy
  • Health and medicines information
  • Social and administrative pharmacy
  • History of pharmacy
  • Pharmacy technicians
    Abstract submissions for the Pharmacy Technicians Symposium 2019 are especially encouraged for the following themes:
    – Emerging and Changing Roles for Pharmacy Technicians
    – Developing a Model Competency Development Framework
    – Exploring the Need for Regulatory Models for the Pharmacy Support Workforce.

Pharmaceutical sciences

  • Drug design and discovery
  • Natural products
  • Formulation design and pharmaceutical technology
  • Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and systems pharmacology
  • Translational research and individualised medicines
  • Biotechnology
  • Analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality
  • Regulatory sciences
  • Pharmacy practice research