AP8 - Value-based decision making for pharmaceuticals based on multiple criteria

Capital Suite 5

Organised by ISPOR


Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is increasingly used in healthcare mainly because it moves decision-making from ad hoc to an evidence-based and comprehensive process. Developing countries with more restricted research capacities, however, should consider their own methods of MCDA development and implementation.

The short course introduces the concept of extended value frameworks and MCDA and provides examples of MCDA application to pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, formulary listing or procurement decisions. A summary of practical recommendations on how to implement MCDA in developing countries is presented in four major areas, including (1) MCDA objectives; (2) technical considerations of MCDA tool; (3) development and customization of MCDA tool and (4) policy implementation of MCDA in decision making.

The course concludes with an interactive case study, in which participants develop an MCDA tool to support the value-based procurement of pharmaceuticals.