AP4 - Pharmabridge

Capital Suite 5



Agathe Wehrli (Pharmabridge, Switzerland)


Pharmabridge aims to strengthen pharmaceutical services in developing and transitional countries through coordinated support from the pharmacy establishment and individual pharmacists in developed countries. This is done by linking people for book donations, visits of pharmacists from developing countries for practice exposure in countries with more advanced pharmacy education and practices, and the organisation of lectures and workshops in developing countries. The project is supported by FIP, its Board of Pharmaceutical Practice and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association. This session will include an update on Pharmabridge, reports and results of Pharmabridge practice exposures, and discussion.

All those interested in the project, from developing or developed countries, or wanting to establish contacts with colleagues from other countries (or even a specific country) are invited to attend this meeting.

People with books, DVDs, etc., to offer are encouraged to bring them to the meeting and give them to colleagues from less affluent countries.