AP3 - Improving Immunization Rates in High Risk Populations

Conference Hall A - Section B & C


Panel Discussion & Roundtable

This 2.5-hour facilitated Panel Discussion & Roundtable is designed to foster discussion and sharing of key insights among experts in pharmacy-based immunisations and those interested in establishing and/or expanding existing services.

It will be open to all delegates of the FIP World Congress..The programme will include short presentations by the panelists. During the discussion, panelists will share insights on overcoming challenges, lessons learned, and the foundational elements of building the infrastructure to improve immunization rates in high risk populations through pharmacy-based immunizations. The discussion may include: gaining pharmacist authority to immunize, immunization neighborhood, overcoming vaccine hesitancy, and improving awareness of importance of influenza vaccination in high-risk populations

Learning Objectives

At the end of this section, participants will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the foundational elements of building the infrastructure for pharmacy-based immunisations;
  2. Demonstrate the role of pharmacists as vaccine administrators;
  3. Advocate for pharmacist’s authority to immunise and value of interprofessional collaboration;
  4. Adopt efficient operations/workflow, marketing and promotion to establish pharmacy-based immunisations.

Type of session: Application-based