AP6 - Air pollution and respiratory health: Global challenges and emerging roles for community pharmacists

Conference Hall A - Section A

FIP and The Clean Breathing Institute


Air pollution and climate change are dramatically shifting the global pattern of respiratory disease. Community pharmacists are key to creating awareness, ensuring patients are getting practical advice as well as recommendations to manage both short- and long-term effects of air pollution on respiratory health.

The Clean Breathing Institute (TCBI), in collaboration with The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), experts from respiratory medicine, industry and community pharmacy services, will provide an opportunity to share and discuss the changing needs in community-based respiratory disease management and the important role pharmacists must play in respiratory care.


09:00–09:05 Introduction by the chair

  1. 09:05–09:20 The impact of air pollution on respiratory health
  2. 09:20–09:35 Challenges in the community-based management of respiratory disease patients. Views from the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)
  3. 09:35–09:50 The Clean Breathing Social study: Research into the human perspective and emotional experience of the health aspects of air pollution
  4. 09:50–10:05 Introduction to The Clean Breathing Institute

10:0510:20 Questions from the audience

10:2010:40 Coffee/tea break

  1. 10:40–10:55 Overview of the involvement of pharmacists in respiratory disease care: highlights of the FIP report on the role of pharmacists in NCDs
  2. 10:55–11:25 Presentation of best practices and evidence from community pharmacy services in respiratory health (10 minutes each)
    • Turkey: The “My Guide Pharmacy” programme: Managing asthma and COPD patients
    • Norway: Inhalation Technique Assessment Service
    • Portugal: Impact of pharmaceutical interventions in respiratory diseases in Portugal: Patient education, prevention and treatment

11:25–11:45 Questions from the audience

  1. 11:45–11.55 Call to action and closing remarks by the chair: Addressing air pollution and respiratory health in the community pharmacy setting

11:55–12:00 Room refresh

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Highlight the roles that community pharmacists play in helping support patients in managing their respiratory health, including the effects of air pollution
  • Describe the key short- and long-term respiratory health effects of exposure to air pollution
  • Identify the patient groups at high risk from the health effects of air pollution
  • Explain the importance of minimising personal exposure to air pollution
  • Describe examples of best-practice professional services and interventions in respiratory health by community pharmacists in different countries